The citizens of Tontitown have spoken about many road and traffic issues within our beloved town. We have been listening and working diligently to find answers to these problems.

Earlier this year City Planner, Mark Latham, with the help of Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning, started work on submittals for a grant regarding the Hwy 412 and Barrington Road intersection. We are elated to announce this project has been awarded the Surface Transportation Block Grant. This grant will allow for 3 lanes at this intersection, including a designated turn lane. We are also fortunate to be getting a north and south access pedestrian tunnel under HWY 412. “This project will ultimately improve traffic congestion, improve pedestrian safety, and connect Sbanotto Park to the Arkansas Greenway Access. This is monumental for us and we are excited to get started” Says Tontitown Engineer Zak Johnston.

This is a federal-aid project, and we look forward to working with ArDot to see this through to completion.