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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to apply

What is the first step in obtaining a business license?

The step-by-step process for obtaining a business license can be found on this page: BUSINESS LICENSE INFORMATION & APPLICATIONS.

What information do I need?

Please make sure to have your current Federal and State of Arkansas tax identification numbers available.

Where are you located?

If you would like to complete an application at our Administrative offices, we are located at 235 East Henri de Tonti Boulevard in Tontitown.

Can I apply over the Internet?

You may access an online and printable version of the business license applications on this page: BUSINESS LICENSE INFORMATION & APPLICATIONS.

Can I apply in person, or by mail?

Yes, you may apply in person, or by mail. You will find an online and printable version of the business license applications on this page: BUSINESS LICENSE INFORMATION & APPLICATIONS.

How long will it take?

The process for obtaining a license for a business in the City of Tontitown takes a very short time. This process generally takes less than one week. Please refer to the steps lined out HERE.

General Topics

Update on application status

Once you have received your business license you may begin to operate. If you would like to know any additional information, feel free to contact our office at (479) 361-2700 or and we will provide you with an update on your application.

How long is a license good for?

All licenses issued by the City of Tontitown are valid until June 30th of the following year.

File complaint against business

A complaint about a business that is operating in the City of Tontitown without a license can be filed with the Administrative Offices at (479) 361-2700 or emailed to Complaints are reviewed and pursued by our Code Enforcement Officer. However, the City cannot become involved in civil matters. We cannot recover money for you or force someone to do work for you. The business license codes require that proper legal procedures be followed when taking any action against a licensee.

What is a business license?

A business license is a license for doing business within the incorporated area of the City of Tontitown. Tontitown code requires that you obtain a license when your business is located within the City. The business license certificate is evidence only that you have met City of Tontitown requirements and that your license fee has been paid – other permits may be required to operate your business.

Do I Need A Business License?

Who needs a business license?

Any person or entity who has a business located within the City must obtain a business license on or before the date the business commences. Conducting business in the City without a license can result in penalties, correction notices, citations or court action.

I'm paid via "1099"; do I need a business license?

Yes. If you are not paid as an employee, you are considered independent or self-employed and are required to have a business license.

Do non-profit organizations need a business license?

All non-profit organizations, as defined and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, must apply for a business license. Proof of non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Arkansas is required.

Do state licensed contractors need a business license?

Any person licensed as a contractor by the State Contractor’s Board must obtain a business license if based in the City of Tontitown, whether or not performing construction work in the City.

I just purchased this business. Can I use the business license from the previous owner?

No, business licenses are not transferable. A business license is issued to a particular person, firm, or corporation at a particular location and may not be used by another. As a new owner, you need to apply for a business license in your name prior to taking ownership.

License Fees and Other Fees

Can I pay my fees online?

No, not at this time. Fees can be paid by mail, at the Administrative Offices, or over the phone. Please note that there is a convenience fee for debit or credit cards.

How much does a business license cost?

The license fee is based upon the business classification. In order to determine the correct classification(s) for your business and the corresponding fees, please visit our Code of Ordinances at American Legal Publishing.

What happens if I pay late?

If payment is not received in the Business License office or postmarked on or before the due date, the business shall be fined a sum of not less than the amount of the license fee provided for, nor more than double such amount for each offense. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate and distinct offense. Provided, however, that any person or entity who continues to operate or conduct its business without the required license after having said license revoked or suspended, or after service of a Notice to Cease and Desist, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than $500 and not more than $l,000 for each offense, with each day of violation constituting a separate and distinct offense.

Why is there a fee to do business in Tontitown?

The fee imposed by the City of Tontitown is solely for the purpose of obtaining general revenue. Business License fees help pay for city services like roads, fire, police and other community services. These services benefit businesses, business owners and the general public.

Will the City notify me when it is time to renew my license?

Yes. However, it is your responsibility to renew the business license on time even if the courtesy reminder is not received. Penalties are assessed for delinquent payments, regardless or whether or not you receive a renewal notice. If you do not receive a notice two weeks prior to the expiration date, contact the Administrative Offices at (479) 361-2700 or email  Renewal forms are always available on our Business License Applications page.

Are there other fees besides a business license fee I will be required to pay?

For a list of the City of Tontitown’s fees, please read our code on Fees at American Legal Publishing.

  • Before you can start business a certificate of occupancy (COO) is required. There is a fee for a COO.
  • All commercial properties will be required to install a backflow prevention assembly, if the building is not already equipped with one. The City of Tontitown requires that the backflow prevention assembly device be tested annually.
  • If you are going to install signage for your business, there is a fee to obtain a sign permit.
  • If you plan to remodel your building, a remodel permit is required, as well as a separate permit for electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work.

Business Locations

I have businesses based in several cities. Can I get just one license to do business in ALL of them?

Unfortunately, no. Each city has its own business license requirements. It is important to know that most Arkansas cities have a business license ordinance. However, each city has its own fee structure and requirements. Check with the appropriate City or County for their rules and regulations.

Any restrictions on where I do business?

Every business must be approved by other departments to ensure that the business activity and site are compatible. It is strongly urged that before signing any lease or rental agreement, that you check with the City’s Planning Department to make sure your business activity is appropriate for the zoning or requires special parking considerations.

What if I want to move the business to another location within the City?

Always check with the City’s Planning Department to verify that the new location is zoned properly for the intended use and whether a use permit or other type of approval is required. You must notify our office whenever you change your address, phone number, business activity or ownership. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork and fee information related to the requested changes.

Signs, Advertising & Displaying Your License

Can I hang it at a Mail Box Etc. or similar location?

No. The City of Tontitown does not allow a post office box to be listed as your physical location. You must list the actual physical location of your business and operate the business from that location. A post office box may be used for your mailing address only.

Installing signs or posting flyers

Please check with the Planning Department before using or installing any type of sign, flag or banner, even balloons. Permanent and temporary signs require review and approval prior to issuance of permits and installation. Posting signs, handbills, or flyers on any utility pole, traffic pole, fence, tree, bridge, mailbox or other public structure is prohibited.

Other Licenses/Permits

Do I need a sales tax permit?

Vendors located and operating in Arkansas must register under the Gross Receipts Tax Law if the vendor sells property or services subject to sales tax. Sales tax is levied on sales of tangible personal property and various types of services performed within Arkansas. Further information can be found in the “Starting a New Business in Arkansas” document, available here. (PDF)

What about selling food?

If you will be selling or preparing food, you will need to apply for a Food Service Permit with Arkansas Department of Health. Necessary permits must be obtained from the Health Department prior to the issuance of City of Tontitown business licenses. For more information please visit the Arkansas Department of Health page by clicking here.

What about selling or serving alcohol?

If you will be selling or serving alcohol, you will need to apply for a permit with Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).Necessary permits must be obtained from ABC prior to the issuance of City of Tontitown business licenses. For more information please visit the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control page here.

What about selling tobacco?

If you will be selling tobacco, you will need to apply for a permit with the Arkansas Tobacco Control (ATC).Necessary permits must be obtained from ATC prior to the issuance of City of Tontitown business licenses. For more information please visit the Arkansas Tobacco Control (ATC) page here.

Special events, activities or other public events

Apply for an Outdoor Vendor Permit through the Community Development Department. An Outdoor Vendor is any person that exhibits, displays, sells or offers for sale any food, beverages, goods, wares or merchandise from a conveyance as defined herein. This definition does not include a door-to-door peddler, solicitor, mobile vendors or homeowners having garage sales. Examples include, but are not limited to food trucks and stands, sales of items from vehicles, and sales of items from tents. Please click here for the application.

Do I need a license to sell in a park or on the sidewalk?

Vending is not permitted in parks within the City of Tontitown.

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