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The City of Tontitown has contracted with Waste Management for the collection and disposal of residential trash and recycling. As your residential trash collection company and your neighbor in the community, Waste Management believes personal, one-to-one service is the key to successful relationships.

Waste Management is dedicated to excellent customer service, active community involvement, and protection of our environment and preservation of valuable resources. You may find the following information helpful in your curbside service.


  1. Place all trash at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day WEDNESDAY.
  2. Each residence may have up to 4 bags or 4 cans of bagged trash each week.
  3.  If your trash is not picked up on your service day, please call Waste Management at: (479) 361-2069 as soon as possible.


 Curbside Recycling Program

  1. Curbside recycling is available for an extra fee.
  2. Please contact Tontitown Water Dept. at 479-361-2700, to activate this service.
  3. Place the recycle container at the curb by 6 a.m. on Wednesday and it will be picked up.
  4. If your recycle container is not picked up on service day, please contact Waste Management at: 800-607-9509 as soon as possible.
Recyclable Items
  • Paper Products – Magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office paper and newspapers (with inserts)
  • Cardboard boxes – Corrugated and chip board
  • Plastic Products – All #1-#7 acceptable***Rinse, remove caps and lids.
  • Metal Products – Aluminum, steel or tin cans ***Rinse, remove caps and lids.
Non-Recyclable Items
  • Paper cups or food containers, paper towels, tissue paper & air filters.
  • No Styrofoam
  • No glass, window panes, mirrors, or broken glass.
  • Motor oil, anti-freeze, or pesticide containers.
  • Aluminum foil or pie tins.

(If you wish to recycle, but do not want to pay for curbside recycle service there are containers at Eco Vista, 1041 Arbor Acres Avenue for free drop-off of recyclable items. The same items are accepted at Eco Vista that is accepted in the curbside recycle program.  But remember; by participating in the curbside program you reduce your carbon footprint on the environment and additional use of fuel since Waste Management is already driving by your home every week.)

* Refrigerant items will not be accepted even if Freon is removed. Customers can contact Boston Mountain Solid Waste for removal of these appliances for a fee. (888) 426-9278

Yellow Bag

This program is available to seniors 65 yrs and older, that use no more than one bag of trash each week. You may purchase yellow bags by the roll at the City of Tontitown Administrative Offices.  The bags are 38 gallons in size.

Bulky Waste Pick-Up

This will be scheduled the last Wednesday of each month and must be scheduled 1 week in advance. Only one bulk item per month can be scheduled for removal.  To schedule this service please call  800-607-9509.

Eco-Vista Landfill accepts yard waste at no extra charge to Tontitown residents. Documentation of Tontitown Resident Status is required at the window. Yard waste does not have to be in a bag, but if it is bagged, it needs to be in a compostable bag, such as paper. There cannot be any limbs or trees in the materials. It can only be grass be grass clippings, and branches less than a finger width in diameter.

For more information on Eco-Vista Landfill, please click to visit https://www.wmsolutions.com/

Click to download the document “UNDERSTANDING YOUR ACCOUNT” for information on policies, payment options, fees and more.

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