A Kidney for A Cop

This is an extremely hard post for the City of Tontitown to put out, but for one of our own, it is life or death. The officers of the Tontitown Police Department took an oath to serve and protect the citizens of Tontitown. Every day they leave behind their families, put on a badge, and patrol the streets of our city to ensure safety and peace. They do not do this for the check or the recognition, but for the passion that has been placed upon their heart to protect.

One of our officers has been battling health issues for a time, and it has now become critical. In 2006, as a student in high school, he was diagnosed with kidney disease. At that time, he was informed that he would one day need a kidney transplant. In 2020, that one day arrived.

Once it was determined he was entering end-stage kidney failure, the work began to prolong his life. Family and friends were tested as dialysis began. Now almost 4 years later, a match has not been located and his kidney functions are at 9%. A living donor transplant is the best option for this officer and will give him the ability to live a longer, healthier, and more normal life. A transplant would give him time to enjoy the things that he loves in life, like his family, friends, and serving the people of Tontitown with this beloved partner, Mango.

Chief Jenison made the following statement about Officer Lowe.

“Officer Lowe is a great officer and has never let any of his health problems complicate his work integrity. He has worked through pain and diversity and always goes above and beyond. He has taken on the task of being our K-9 officer, which he has excelled in for the past year. He has a spirit about him that is infectious in the department. He is always willing to help his fellow officers and citizens alike. He deserves this more than anyone I know.”

If you would like to be the hero of a hero, there are many ways to help.

  1. If you find it in your heart, are willing, or are interested in donating a kidney, please fill out a living donor application. https://forms.gle/dLS9X6kCbb8rL28Y8
  2. Help spread the word by liking and sharing with friends, family, coworkers, and anyone in your network.
  3. Sending all the love, positive vibes, and prayers to this officer and department.

Although this topic is very heavy, Officer Lowe is in good spirits and is staying positive. Thank you for taking the time to read, share, and pray.