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Department of Public Safety



Non-Emergency Fire & EMS Dispatch: 479- 439-3578 

Emergency Fire & EMS Dispatch: 9-1-1


Emergency:  911    

Non-emergency Contact: 479-361-9168                      

Dispatch: 479-444-5712

The Tontitown Police Department stands for the highest quality of law enforcement services provided with dedication to equality, fairness, and professional integrity. It is our purpose to provide public safety services for the people of our community. We welcome your input and are proud to serve the people of Tontitown.

We encourage our citizens to provide feedback as outlined below:

The City of Tontitown Code Enforcement department (479-361-9168) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Tontitown by providing effective public service in the enforcement of the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code, all city codes related to such matters as maintenance of structures and premises, business licenses, and public nuisance. We are committed to working with both citizens and businesses in a professional and effective manner to achieve a cleaner, healthier and safer city.

These are great opportunities to get to know your local Tontitown Police Officers & Tontitown Fire Fighters. During the events our officers and fireman answer many questions, provide crime prevention tips, fire safety awareness, and assist with citizen requests. 

Tontitown Businesses

If you’re considering relocating or starting a business, Tontitown could be the perfect place! We’re a growing community with excellent services, far-sighted City government, an educated and willing workforce, and a strong economy.


Tontitown GIS

gisTo access Tontitown's GIS data files for use in Google Earth. . .


Request Center

request24/7 Online Request Center... If you have a report, complaint or suggestion,


Pay Your Bill

epayYou can pay your water bill online safely by using our SOFTePAY system.


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