Welcome to Tontitown, Arkansas

A Little Town, A Lot of Tradition

Tontitown, Arkansas

Where you can imagine the future and enjoy the past.

Tontitown, Arkansas

A Small Town with a Big Heart

Tontitown, Arkansas

Carefully planning for the future while preserving our storied past.


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Original Tontitown Immigrant

Welcome to Tontitown, Arkansas

What makes a small American town great? A diversity of people, ideas, and businesses. And that’s just what Tontitown has. We’re a small but growing community, carefully planning for the future while preserving our storied past. Tontitown has everything you’ll want in a small town, whether you’re considering raising a family, a business relocation or start-up, your retirement, or even visiting for vacation.

Uniquely situated in the scenic Ozarks with great access to freeways and airports including Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, Tontitown has the “can do!” attitude that has always made small-town America the engine of enterprise and our high standard of living. Nearby in Fayetteville is the University of Arkansas, home of the Razorbacks.

Tontitown is a culturally rich and business-friendly community, home to nearly 5,000 citizens and over 200 businesses. Located along Highway 412, Tontitown is centrally located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas.

A progressive community steeped in tradition and history, the citizens of our area invite you to learn more about us, attend our unique events, shop our businesses, and find out about one of Arkansas’ best-kept secrets!


Business License Renewals

Its that time of the year again! I just would like to remind all Tontitown businesses that annual business license will expire June 30th, 2020. So, get those renewals into us ASAP if you would like to continue business for the 2020-2021 year! We have sent renewal...

City of Tontitown Farmers Market

During these difficult times it is important that we recognize the importance of shopping local. Which is why the City of Tontitown is kicking off our annual Farmers Market Thursday May 21st from 8am-2pm. So, come on out folks and let’s get this farmers market season...

Community Yard Sale Event

The City of Tontitown Community Yard Sale event is going to be this summer’s hottest event (literally)! The City of Tontitown would like to present our annual City-Wide Yard Sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 24th, 25th and 26th! To register for the event please...

COVID-19 Update

Covid 19 Update Mayor Colvin gave an update on the City's Covid 19 response at the City Council Meeting Tuesday night.  He thanked City employees for the work they had done during this national pandemic. He also gave a brief overview of where we will go next as the...

Special Planning Board and Board of Zoning Adjustments 05/12/2020

The Planning Board and Board of Zoning Adjustments will meet on May 12, 2020.  Please note several items have been tabled to future meeting dates!   Zoom Meeting: To participate interactively in the meeting, you may participate in the meeting via Zoom: By PC, Mac, iOS...

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Doing Business in Tontitown is SMART!

If you’re considering relocating or starting a business, Tontitown could be the perfect place. We’re a growing community with excellent services, far-sighted City government, an educated and willing workforce, and a strong economy.

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Life in Tontitown is GOOD!

Demographic Conclusions

In our recently published "Future Land Use and Master Transportation Plan for Tontitown, Arkansas", the following demographics show what a growing and thriving community we live in!

Tontitown is a rapidly-growing community located in a quickly growing region of the state.  The City has grown by almost 300% in population since 2000.

According to US Census data and estimates, the City grew 44.2% over the past 5 years (2012- 2017), this averages out to a rate of 9.4% growth per year over the past 5 years.

The Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Board projects that the population of Tontitown will grow to over 6,000 residents by 2040. However, based on building permit data from the City, the 2040 population is likely to reach much higher than the projection. The City of Tontitown issued 157 single-family building permits in 2018. If you assume Tontitown will grow by the same number of households per year, Tontitown's population will reach 6,000 before 2025.

We're still growing

Like much of Northwest Arkansas, the City has a low unemployment rate and a higher than average income and educational attainment level for the state of Arkansas.

With the continuation of rapid growth projected, housing and infrastructure will be key needs for the city in the coming years.

Maegan Thomas -  Administrative Assistant

Tontitown City Administration Building & City Hall

Open from 8:00 am till 4:30 pm. Offices Located in this building are Administration, Bookkeeper, Building, Planning, and Public Works Department.

Located at:
235 E Henri de Tonti Blvd
Springdale AR  72762
(Located in Tontitown next to the Park)
Mailing Address:
PO Box 305, Tontitown AR  72770

Tontitown Water Utility
Mailing Address: PO Box 127, Tontitown AR 72770
Physical Address: 201 E Henri de Tonti Blvd, Springdale AR 72762

Tontitown City Administration Building

235 E Henri de Tonti Blvd
Springdale AR  72762
Mailing Address:
PO Box 305, Tontitown AR  72770


Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

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