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We encourage our citizens to provide feedback as outlined below:

Procedure to Register Comments with the Police Department

The Police Department stands for the highest quality of law enforcement services provided with dedication to equality, fairness, and professional integrity. It is our purpose to provide public safety services for the people of our community. We welcome your input and are proud to serve the people of Tontitown.

Procedure and Frequently Asked Questions:

We believe that protecting the City of Tontitown is a shared responsibility between community members and the Tontitown Police Department. We are committed to providing outstanding service and need community members' input to tell us when our service meets or does not meet expectations.

Often our members go beyond the call of duty to help others. To recognize outstanding service by a Tontitown Police Department employee please feel free to call our office, stop by, or if we are out on patrol, send by email to using this link: TIPS@TONTITOWNPD.COM

If your comment concerns police misconduct, you may notify us in the same manner. If you stop by, an on-duty supervisor will meet with you, hear your concern and assist you with our comment form. Although these concerns are frequently based upon misunderstandings of the law or established law enforcement procedures, they are of great concern and lead to a mistrust of law enforcement if not investigated or explained.

Will my comment concerning police misconduct be investigated?
Yes. We take seriously the trust the community places in us and to maintain that trust we vigorously investigate all allegations.

Will I know the outcome of my concerns?
Yes. a staff member will contact you with the outcome, via a written response.

May I remain anonymous?
Yes. Although we prefer to have names to further legitimize a concern, we will accept an anonymous comment and will process each to its fullest extent, in a confidential manner.



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Fax: 479-361-9714

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