The Tontitown Story

- Board of Directors

Tontitown Historical Museum

Housed in the former home of two of Tontitown’s original settlers, the sisters Mary and Zelinda Bastianelli, the Tontitown Historical Museum opened in August of 1986. In the Museum you’ll find photographs of and artifacts belonging to the original Italian settlers of Tontitown. Since wine making was (and still is) an important part of Tontitown culture and commerce, you’ll find on display an early grape press and wine-bottling machine. Here you’ll also see items from the first Catholic church in Tontitown, including the vestments worn by settler leader, Father Bandini, and a stained glass window from the first church that survived destruction by tornado. Many household items used by the early settlers are on display as well, including an old iron, a wooden rolling pin, an early coffee grinder and a butter churn.

The Museum is operated entirely by donation—your donation is most welcome! Your contribution will help us expand the number of exhibits on display, as well as keep the Museum open for longer hours.

The Tontitown Historical Museum is open Saturdays and Sundays, 1:00 to 4:00 P.M., June through October, or by appointment. Educational tours are available. Researchers and teachers are encouraged to call Charlotte Piazza, Museum Curator, at 479-361-2498 to make an appointment.

The Museum is located at 251 E. Henri de Tonti Blvd., just east of Tontitown City Hall. Call City Hall for more information: 479-361-2700.